“Andre Moubarak takes us for a walk down the Via Dolorosa that opens our eyes to the sufferings of Jesus and the history of Jerusalem. He also gives us great insight into the life and sufferings of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ. Hated and persecuted by both Jews and Muslims, they find themselves forgotten by Evangelical Christians in the West. This work is chocked full of helpful historical and cultural information that enables us to understand Jesus’ experience better. It is enjoyable reading, with vivid descriptions that enable us to visualize the experience of walking through the fourteen stations of the Via Dolorosa. I recommend Andre’s book to anyone planning to visit Jerusalem and wanting to understand the significance of the experience better. It is also an excellent resource for those who cannot go, but want to understand it today.”

Gary W. Derickson, Ph.D. 
Professor of Biblical Studies and Greek

Department Chair, Bible and Theology
Corban University | School of Ministry

Salem, Oregon, USA | www.corban.edu

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