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Dear Twins Tours,

Dan and I want to thank you for giving our team such an amazing experience. Every detail exceeded any expectations we may have had. We were able to completely immerse ourselves in the trip as we were not in charge of the details you so fantastically arranged. We know there is a lot that goes into providing transportation, accommodations and meals. It takes a lot of people to do that. Also, all of the sites you arranged for us to see was truly remarkable. Especially how many we were able to experience with just our little group of 9. We rarely fought the hoards and it is because you all orchestrated that for us.

The length of time, locations and variety of the places we stayed were so wonderful. Food phenomenal. Jaffa was a total bonus surprise. Although the team is still bitter about our big beautiful room, wine and chocolates. We have gotten together several times to download both our time in Jordan with the refugees and Israel. It seems we always end up in an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our Israel from a Palestinian perspective adventure. We pray the Lord will richly bless all of you. Tony and Andre-you were phenomenal guides. We know you, but not the others who were involved. So thank you to all of you. God bless you. Peace in Jerusalem. Love from Rochelle

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