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Is it Safe to Visit Israel 2018

The announcement made on December 06, 2017 by Donald Trump - President of the United States of America - to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and his intention to move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, has caused significant amounts of protests throughout the Middle East.

​ Twins Tours managers have been monitoring the reactions to this announcement on various news sources - International, Arabic, Israeli, and American media outlets. Twins Tours tour guides - Andre Moubarak and Tony Mubarak - have been guiding tour groups in both Israel and the West Bank every day for the past week.

We have noticed a discrepancy between the international media's reports and what is actually happening on the ground in Israel and the West Bank. So far, the demonstrations & protests in the Jerusalem region have only taken place in small pockets of the city, mostly in Muslim neighborhoods. These demonstrations have been small in size, dispersed easily & quickly by the Israeli police & Israeli army, and they have not resulted in injuries or violence beyond rock throwing.

The demonstrations in Bethlehem (West Bank) have been stronger, but only resulted in violence in the area around Rachel's Tomb, and have been decreasing, and things are getting more quite every day.

Hopefully this is helpful


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