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Corona-Virus Twins Tours Update News

Dear Friends of Twins Tours,  It has been a pleasure to know each one of you and to study the Bible together.  I’ve always strived to provide more than short tours but to establish a lasting relationship.  I believe one day we will spend eternity together and these relationships will remain when even the sun and the moon pass away. I am incredibly thankful for your messages of encouragement and prayer.  The global pandemic and travel restrictions have resulted in canceling or postponing several months of our tours.  By the grace of God, Twins Tours is going to weather this storm and though we basically have no income for the next few months, we believe we are supposed to keep our staff employed as much as possible.  We will likely reduce hours of course but we really believe that in a few months when this virus is defeated, we will need them again for the many tours we plan to operate. Our team, with their spouses and children, are very thankful for the requests now being received from clients and friends of Twins Tours throughout the world to bless them with emergency gifts to help them financially through this difficult season.  We are so grateful for our relationships and we are blessed beyond belief that 2,000 years later, the body of Christ is once again wanting to send relief to the saints in Jerusalem!  It’s humbling and brings tears to my eyes. As I’ve mentioned a few times, relationships are key.  Therefore we suggest your gift also be an adoption of one of the families below.  I ask that you pray for the family.  I ask that you think of them every time you send aid.

Tony & Sawsan Moubarak Tony is co-founder of Twins Tours and the main tour guide and also helps manage the office when Andre is outside the country.  Sawsan assists in accounting and manages suppliers payments.  Tony and Sawsan have 2 Children ages 12 years old girl and 14 years old boy. Tony loves studying reading and writing so that he can teach the Word of God. Setrag and Sylvia Shemmessian Setrag is the reservation manager at Twins tours, he deals with all the hotel bookings, site reservations and daily emails and communications with all the suppliers.. Sylvia, Setrag’s wife, is the accounting manager oversees all financial transactions.  They have a newborn child almost 6 months old.  Sylvia is Andre, Tony and Albert’s niece. Albert & Rasha Moubarak Albert is the logistics manager in the office - he communicates with drivers and guides and supports the whole office.  Albert and his wife, Rasha, have 3 children, two boys (6.5 yrs. old, 5.5 yrs. old, and one girl (4.5 yrs old). Celesty Dabbagh Celesty is Sawsan’s niece and has therefore known Tony and Andre for a long time.vvGrowing up in both the Galilee and Jerusalem, Celesty’s love for the land of the Bible led to her becoming a licensed Tour Guide. When she is not on tours, Celesty is the Media Projects Manager at the Twins Tours office, creating physical and digital content to enhance and promote the business. In her free time, she enjoys being creative with painting, film-making, storytelling, and playing music. She is also a Preteen Sunday School teacher at her local church and enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.

Click here to donate: Become a Partner If you like to donate through Paypal directly: Thank you so much! Many blessings, Andre

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