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One Friday In Jerusalem

A Guided Tour of the Via Dolorosa through the Eyes and Life stories of a Palestinian Christian

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  • gudshu
    Aug 11, 2017

    Andre is owner and founder of Twins Tours & Travel Ltd in Israel.  He was born into an Arabic Catholic family along the Via Dolorosa, (the way of the cross), in the heart of the Christian quarter of Jerusalem.  He encountered the living Jesus as his savior and that transformation sparked a revival in Jerusalem that continues to have an impact today.    His passion is teaching and leading others to encounter God through the Bible in Israel. Andre is an author and prayer warrior with a heart for revival, transformation and sanctification for all who travel to The Holy Land. He is joined with his wife, Marie, in a unique call and mission – to bring the reconciliation power of the gospel to all people in a land where people are divided. ​ Andre is an ordained gospel minister and a Listened Tour Guide who leads numerous groups from around the world on tours of the Holy Land each year.  He teaches about the Jewish roots of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven, prays for divine healing and guides the visiting groups of Christians through the land where God became flesh and dwelled among us.  His unique teaching shines light on the scripture and how it applies to each biblical site.  In addition, Andre personally ministers to each distinct group as he ignites the spirit through prayer and teaching.  Each tour is a personal journey and invitation to link together the church from around the world into a network of praise as we prepare Jerusalem for the Messiah’s return!